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    Playtime is your pup's favourite time. Choose the best dog toys to provide a safe, sensory, and fun play experience for your canine friend. Shop our range of dog toys for balls, squeakers, chew, training toys and much more.

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    27 products

    Why Buy Your Dog Toys from Us?

    Dog toys
    are an ideal way to keep your canine companion happy, entertained and
    stimulated! From chewable toys for dogs to keep your puppy occupied (and save
    your furniture) through to sensory games that challenge the smartest of pups,
    AllPetSolutions stocks a huge carefully curated range of the very best dog
    toys. We will even deliver your purchase free of charge with a same day
    despatch of 4pm!

    How to Choose the Right Toy for My Dog?

    collection of durable, long-lasting outdoor dog ball and fetch toys withstand
    the most rigorous play and will keep your lively dog on their toes whilst
    standing the test of time – and jaws!

    Chewy dog toys are
    essential for younger pups and those breeds with a serious set of jaws who love
    nothing more than to gnaw. The best dog toys for chewers help ease the
    discomfort of teething whilst capturing the attention of their growing minds.
    Whether you are looking for the best dog toys for a miniature puppy or
    something sturdy for powerful jaws, we have the ideal games for your dog.

    Interactive toys for dogs are perfect for
    smarter canines, and breeds such as Collies who need the stimulation and
    excitement of a real mental challenge to keep them busy when you are away from
    home. These dog toys also provide a great experience for dog families
    struggling with separation anxiety and help those clever pups keep themselves
    busy and active throughout the day.

    The range
    of puppy dog toys is
    specifically selected to encourage healthy, lively play in younger dogs, and
    help develop interactive skills and educate your young pup on the joy of play.
    Every puppy toy in our range has been selected as one of the best dog toys for
    young canines and provides a gentle experience for their growing teeth as well
    as a sensory experience to excite their minds!

    The AllPetSolutions
    catalogue of squeaky dog toys is
    aimed at fulfilling the instincts of breeds such as gundogs and racing dogs,
    who fulfil their passions by chasing anything that will run! Squeaky toys help
    your beloved pooch to feel fulfilled by imitating their desire to catch and
    chase. We stock squeakers in a range of fun and cute designs to keep your home
    as happy as your pooch. 

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    would like any further information about our dog toy range, please do not
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