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    Nesting Boxes for Birds at All Pet Solutions

    Provide warmth, security and comfort to your garden visitors with our range of nesting boxes. Our bird nest boxes are designed to have the right dimensions and ventilation to make them safe and snug. 

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    3 products

    There's nothing better than waking to a soft dawn chorus, watching baby chicks take their tentative first steps out of their nesting boxes, and being home to a brood of new birds every spring.

    AllPetSolutions offers an excellent range of quality nesting boxes for birds designed to bring your garden to life.

    Why Buy Nesting Boxes For Birds?

     Alongside birdseed feeders and birdbaths, a bird house or bird nesting box is the best way to attract a broad range of wild species to your garden - and they're great fun for all the family!

    Birds need nesting boxes to lay their eggs, tend to their young and raise little birds while vulnerable.

    Nesting boxes for birds hung from branches or on trees are safe from predators and mean that your new winged friends will return time and again.

    Choosing the Right Nesting Boxes For Your Garden

     There are a few things to look out for when choosing a bird nesting box:

    •  Insulating material, such as wood or a wildlife-friendly compound.
    • Avoid ceramics or metals, as these can become too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter to sustain baby chicks.
    • The entrance hole size in your nesting boxes will encourage different species - tiny boxes are most suitable for blue tits. In contrast, a slightly larger bird nesting box will welcome sparrows and other larger species.
    • Don't worry about having a perch - they can provide a foothold for squirrels and aren't necessary for dextrous wild birds.

    If you need any advice choosing the right bird house for your property, please visit the AllPetSolutions range for inspiration, or contact our team for recommendations!

    Which Species Could My Bird House Attract?

    The species you'll find making their home in your nesting boxes depends a little on your area and the size of the bird nesting box.

    They can include anything from wrens, tits and swallows to woodpeckers, nuthatches and even owls!