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    Keep your pond fish in good health with our range of pond cleaner and pond treatments. This includes Ammonia test kits, Algae Pond Control and blanket weed treatment. Also cleaning solutions like AllPondSolutions PondRescue bacteria balls will help combat harmful nitrite and ammonia levels.

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    15 products

    Pond treatments for safe water

    Tap water contains all sorts of minerals that can be harmful to your fish. Pond Rescue Tap Water Dechlorinator removes everything from chlorine compounds to metal ions to render your tap water safe to use in any pond.

    Green water is a typical pond issue and is caused by floating algae, which can grow extremely fast if not treated. The problems with green water include harming live plants, raising the pH value of your pond water, and reducing oxygen levels.

    Our Pond Rescue Green Water Treatment is a safe and effective way to remove unwanted algae, without upsetting the balance of your fish's habitat.

    Another common blight of pond owners is blanketweed, which can be hard to get rid of. Pond Rescue Blanketweed Treatment is an intensive solution combining powerful natural minerals and enzymes, to banish blanketweed safely.

    Choosing the best algae treatment for ponds

    Algae is a part of pond life, but keeping it under control ensures that your fish can breathe easy, and the delicate ecosystem in your pond water remains healthy.

    AllPetSolutions offer a full complement of Pond Treatments & Medications to deal with every pond problem; from general maintenance to eliminating unwanted guests.

    Check out the range online, and feel free to drop us a message if you need any support with keeping your pond in tip-top shape!

    Keeping pond fish healthy

    There are pond treatments you can use to support the health and vitality of your fish, and prevent algae overgrowth and other pests from making your pond their home.

    Pond Salt is an excellent example and has innumerable benefits, such as ridding your fish of parasites, reducing stress levels, bringing down nitrite concentrations and supporting a robust immune system.

    For the full range of pond treatments, visit us online - featuring our very own AllPondSolutions range.