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    Shop our range of gentle tear-free puppy grooming supplies, shampoos and sprays to keep their coat glossy and healthy. Fast & Free UK Delivery.

    9 products

    What Puppy Grooming Supplies do I Need?

    Little pups are cute - but not always the cleanest of creatures! Puppies love to dig, roll and play and so having the tools for puppy grooming at home makes sure they stay sweet and cuddly no matter what.

    Using puppy grooming supplies also ensures that you can deal with any tangles without needing a trip to the groomer, avoids skin irritations and problems, and helps your pup to bond with you. Every sleepy puppy loves a snuggle and a brush!

    Puppy Grooming at Home

    The first thing you need is an excellent brush. Try out the Round Slicker Brush for a great all-rounder that teases out tangles with ease. Our Dematting Rake is perfect for pups with longer coats or undercoats and is essential in warmer weather to keep them comfy and cool. 

    We love the Double Sided Brush; the wire bristles work to brush out knots gently and get rid of the debris your pup has collected on their adventures! A soft smoothing brush on the opposite side adds shine and is a comforting sensation to help your dog settle down after a busy day.