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Fish Tanks, Pond Equipment & Fish Supplies from AllPetSolutions

When it comes to fish related products including fish food, fish tanks and replacement supplies or for the essentials to setup your new aquarium, AllPetSolutions stock a  comprehensive selection of Pond and Aquarium equipment at great value prices. AllPetSolutions is a leading UK online pet store offering free delivery on everything in store.

Complete Aquarium and Pond Supplies at AllPetSolutions.

Whether you are looking for your first-ever aquarium or to set up your first outdoor pond to welcome your new fishy friends to your home or garden, or need to carry out essential upkeep on your tanks and ponds, our AllPetSolutions comprehensive range covers the full spectrum of products for every type of aquatic life.

Combining expertly designed products from our own unique collection with those from the most respected brands, every piece of equipment has been tried and tested to offer the ultimate combination of outstanding value and exceptional quality for happy fish and happy owners.

What are the Essentials to a Healthy Aquarium?

If you are the proud owner of a gold fish or care for precious and beautiful tropical fish, keeping your tank clean and safe is essential.

Our team is always on hand to provide support with choosing the right pumps, filters and water treatments. These products remove any excess food left behind by messy fish, remove harmful chemicals and make sure that no waste is ever left circulating in your fish's home.

Tropical fish often require specific habitats, so if in any doubt as to the best aquarium supplies, please get in touch.

We also stock a vast range of fish tanks, heaters and fish food to make sure your aquarium is in tip-top shape.

How Do I Keep My Fish Pond Clean?

Outdoor ponds bring life to any garden and provide a pretty backdrop and sensory sounds that make your backyard a relaxing and peaceful space.

Check out our full range of pond care products, for every type of lighting, pumps, liners and accessories to make your pond a hive of life, and a comfortable home for your outdoor fish.

Particularly if you keep breeds with sensitivities or special nutrition requirements, keeping your pond water clear and their bellies full is essential to long-term health and vitality.

Stuck for what to choose? Our AllPetSolutions Gift Cards make the perfect present for fish lovers!