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    Keep your pup warm and stylish in every season with our luxury dog jumpers. Available in a wide range of colours and a variety of sizes to fit small or large dog breeds.

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    4 products

    Why should I buy a Jumper for my Dog?

    Every owner of a canine needs a great dogs jumper! They're cute, comical, cuddly - and sometimes a practical way to keep shorter-haired breeds cosy and warm when the weather isn't being kind to us.

    We all love Christmas dog jumpers as a fantastic way to embrace the festive spirit - but just like our pooches, dog jumpers aren't just for Christmas!

    The AllPetSolutions Dog Jumpers range is jam-packed with jumpers for dogs suitable for year-round use - right up to size Large, so there is no reason not to treat your big slobbery dogs just as often as their teacup brothers.

    What are the benefits of using Dog Jumpers?

    A jumper for dog breeds on the smaller size is the most common. Tiny terriers and miniature toy dogs often struggle to regulate their body temperature due to their size, and since fragile coats don't provide a significant amount of protection from the elements.

    While it's unlikely that most dog jumpers will be needed in the height of summer, it's also essential to think about the temperature and your pup's comfort if walking in the early mornings or during the evening when the mercury dips and a chill sets in.

    Jumpers for dogs are also fantastic for golden oldie canines that struggle with stiff joints and discomfort in draughty winds. They are suitable for poorly mutts, too, who need something soft and gentle to help them relax and recover - without being able to knock or nibble on any sore spots.

    Our ranges of dogs jumper products include premium materials, such as thick, luxurious cable knits to ensure the fabric is easy to clean, wash and care for and yet don't cause any irritations to delicate canine skin.

    Plus, let's face it, dog jumpers are cute - and whether it's now and then when it gets grey and damp or for a daily jaunt for breeds that struggle in the cold, your pup will look super sweet, proudly wearing their very own special jumper.