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    Cats are known to be champion sleepers, after all, they sleep between 16-20 hours a day! That's why a cosy cat bed is a must buy for every cat lover. Whether you're looking for a small cat bed, a luxury cat bed, a cat radiator bed or something extra fluffy, we're sure one of our beds will make your kitty so comfy, it won't want to leave its new bed. Choose the perfect cosy, cuddly and washable cat bed from our wide selection.

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    13 products

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    There is
    nothing quite as smug as a pampered puss, and your cats are entitled to feel
    comfortable in their castle – they do run the place, after all! Buy them luxury
    cat beds that will have them purring with delight, with offerings from our own

    Choose Washable Cat Beds for convenience

    When we say
    that we only stock the best cat beds, we mean it! Whenever your kitty’s sleeping
    quarters start to smell a little "off" or get a bit dirty, simply
    throw their bed in the wash and hang it out to dry. Your cat is sure to
    appreciate the freshness of a clean cat bed. The majority of products in our
    range are washable, including our 3-in-one Cat Cube Bed and
    our cosy AllPetSolutions Alfie Cat Bed.

    With such a
    wide variety of luxury beds for cats on offer, we are confident that you will
    find something to satisfy your tastes, as well as that of your little kitty.
    With lots of different colours, shapes and sizes, you should be able to find a
    cat bed that meets your decor requirements, as well as the very specific needs
    of your mollycoddled moggy.

    Cat Beds that will keep your cat snuggled and
    warm in the Winter:

    We all know
    that cats love to curl up and nestle for their rest, especially in the
    Winter. To stay warm, a radiator cat bed is a perfect solution! Cat's can also
    be very private independent animals and a cat radiator bed gives them their own
    space whilst also keeping them super toasty. You can also consider a cat igloo bed,
    with its sheltered roof it will keep your cat cosy and help them feel secure
    when they nap. These igloo cat beds are also deal in the summer because it
    helps block out the sunlight whilst your cat is sleeping.

    Shop at AllPetSolutions for the Best Cat Beds

    As well as
    our massive supply of washable cat beds, we are pleased to offer cat radiator
    beds and all the pet accessories you could possibly need. With free UK delivery
    on all orders and the needs of your furry companions at the forefront of our
    minds at all times, you are certain to have a very contented cat after shopping
    with us! Your puss will soon be catnapping like a king!