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    Keep a healthy ecosystem and pond environment with our variety of fish pond pumps for both small and large ponds at competitive prices. A Pond pump will help circulate and oxygenate the water meaning your fish will stay happy and healthy.

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    38 products

    How to choose the right Pumps for Ponds

    AllPetSolutions are pond experts, and have years of experience in designing the best performing products and helping our customers create their perfect pond with pump functions to elevate the relaxation and enjoyment of their gardens!

    Our complete range of Pond Pumps caters to every type, size, and style of garden, with pond filters and pumps to suit the most expansive of fish habitats and the tiniest of water features.

    Choosing the right pond pumps starts with considering how high the water level is likely to be, and working out your total pond size. Once you know how many litres of water it will hold, then you can start choosing the right pump to keep that water circulating and flowing.

    Why Pond Pumps are important

    A pond pump and filter work side by side to keep your water clean, oxygenated, and healthy.

    This can act as a soothing water feature, such as our Floating Pond Water Fountain, with a full circular spray and a stunning dynamic display in larger ponds.

    If you're looking for a complete solution, take a look at our best selling All In One Pond Filter and Fountain Pump. Smart technology means that you can create an algae-free pond environment, with everything you need including a UVC lamp and filtration system.

    Which Pond Pump has the largest capacity?

    For very large ponds, our bumper 8000 L/H External Pump is large enough to treat pools, with a detachable strainer basket to make it easy to keep clean and free of gunk.

    Not big enough? Check out the 27,600 L/H External Pump, manufactured with ABS particles for the ultimate durability and with a 10-metre cable to manage water flow of heights up to 17 metres.

    If you're unsure which pumps for ponds are right for your garden, contact the AllPetSolutions team for professional advice and guided support about our most popular pond pumps.