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    If you want to keep your pond water healthy, a high quality fish pond filter system is an essential investment. Whether you are looking for an all in one filter or a more advanced pressurised filter for small and large Koi ponds, we stock a large selection of high quality pond filter systems at great prices!

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    58 products

    What Do Pond Filters Do?

    If you have fish or wildlife in an outdoor pond, then pond filters are essential to keep the water free from algae, cut down on debris and waste materials, and keep water flowing so that it retains a healthy level of oxygen.

    Here at AllPetSolutions, we supply a comprehensive selection of the best filters for ponds, to keep your water fresh and clean whatever the weather.

    Are Combined Pond Filters and Pumps Easier to Install?

    Many pond owners opt for a combi pond pump and filter. Some great options include our All In One Pond Filter 5,200 L and the AllPondSolutions Pressurised Pond Filter PFC-12000 complete with UV steriliser, hose and clips for a solution to keep your pond water circulating and well filtered.

    If you're after the ultimate low-maintenance pond filters, our Auto Cleaning Pressurised Pond Filter might be the one for you! These filters for ponds can cope with capacity up to 30,000 litres and have auto PFC filters to maintain optimal water quality.

    How Often Should I Change My Pond Filters Media?

    Good quality filters for ponds can last years if looked after correctly, so changing them isn't a job you need to do often. For the best fit and filtering, AllPetSolutions recommend purchasing filter foams designed to fit your chosen filter perfectly and change these when necessary. When replacing any pond media we recommend doing this gradually keeping the old media or foam in the pond for a few weeks before removing this to keep all good bacteria in your pond.

    Our bestselling pond filtration systems, such as our Koi Pond Filter System, are delivered as a set including filter foams, outlet pipes, temperature dials, water level indicators, waste pipes and instructions to ensure you get your pond up and running with ease.

    AllPetSolutions are the leading pond care experts in the UK, offering a vast catalogue of every type of pond pump and filter, whether for a small garden pond or a large Koi water feature.

    We stock only top-quality products that are tried and tested by our pond care professionals and supply the specially designed AllPondSolutions range alongside the most respected brands available.