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    Keep your pup‚s coat healthy and shiny and cut grooming time with our selection of dog brushes, dog clippers and coat grooming tools.

    Using a dog brush regularly to pamper your furry friend creates a stronger bond with them and smooths their coat, while dog comb helps to detangle unattractive mats that, if left unkempt, would need to be cut out. Shedding brushes are another grooming must-have as they help to minimise the amount of hair your beloved pooch leaves around the house.

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    6 products

    What are the Benefits of Grooming Brushes for

    The best
    dog brush provides multiple benefits, as well as ensuring your pup looks the
    part! Choosing a dog groom brush product like our Double-Sided Brush helps to remove
    tangles, gently rids your dog's coat of dirt, and smoothes their coat, so it is
    shiny and healthy. Also if you find that your dog malts a lot you can use a dog
    brush for shedding, this will prevent pet hair from being spread around your
    house and make your pet feel more comfortable.

    If your
    pooch has sensitive skin, the Round Slicker Brush is perfect. A slicker
    brush is kinder to the skin than a comb and helps to tease out those pesky mats
    without irritating gentle dogs.

    How Do I Choose a Dog Brush for Shedding?

    Our furry
    friends do tend to share the love - and the fur! If you feel as though your
    home is being taken over by fur balls, the best dog brush for shedding has to
    be the Dematting Rake.

    Not only
    can it help to remove the most stubborn of knots, but uses precision teeth to
    remove old undercoats, leaving your dog's skin able to breathe. This is an
    ideal solution in the warmer months and ensures that the healthy topcoat is
    free of uncomfortable dead fur.

    Which is the Best Comb for Dogs?

    The Moulting Comb is your secret weapon
    against the fluff! This smart comb for dogs is non-slip, and has the added
    benefit of stimulating your pet's hair follicles, helping their new coat grow
    back healthier than ever!

    If you're
    taking your pup on the go, or need a convenient solution, the Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is another
    clever choice. With retractable bristles, your slicker brush can be cleaned in
    one swipe, making it faster to keep your dog comfy and happy wherever your
    travels take you.

    are delighted to offer a full range of grooming brushes for dogs,
    with slicker brushes and combs suited to every type of fur. We stock our very own designs, carefully created to provide
    the ultimate grooming experience.