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    Stimulate your pups mind and provide hours of fun with our range of interactive dog toys.

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    3 products

    What Sort of Toys to Stimulate Dogs Work Best?

    Interactive toys for dogs are great for every pooch. Whether you need to head out and have a restless mutt who needs to be kept entertained or would like to help develop your dog's mental agility, puzzle toys and challenging games are an excellent way to keep their minds active and happy!

    The best interactive dog toys are robust, washable, and sensory, helping to keep your pup interested. you can fill them with edible pastes or even something simple from the fridge! Dogs love the bouncy, tactile natural rubber, and will be focused for hours on enticing the tasty morsels out.

    How Does a Dog Puzzle Feeder Work?

    Dog treat puzzle toys are smart - they excite your pooch with the promise of a treat but mean that they'll need to apply their brain to work out how to get to them! Essential for super-smart breeds that thrive on a little challenge, dog puzzle feeders can be used with all sorts of treats and titbits depending on your pup's favourite snack.

    Why are Interactive Toys for Dogs Beneficial?

    Every dog owner will know that their pooches are smart, and when they get frustrated or bored, it can spell trouble for your home and your furniture! Dogs who struggle with bad behaviour can benefit hugely from mental stimulation, and using interactive toys for dogs keeps them happy and fulfils their mental and emotional needs.