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    Basic Nylon Dog Leads from AllPetSolutions

    At All Pet Solutions we cater to all budgets, and our basic dog lead range offers lightweight and durable dog leashes at great prices. Available in a selection of colours these strong weatherproof dog leads are perfect for any pup.

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    20 products

    How to Choose a Dog Walking Leash?

    Whether you
    are working on recall training with a cheeky pup, need a spare dog lead with
    handle for those pesky vet visits, or walk your furry friend along the
    roadside, choosing high-quality long dog leads is essential.

    Leads need
    to be robust, reliable and sturdy enough to withstand the most energetic of
    walks, as well as being lightweight and easy to fasten and unclip.

    What are the Best Short Leads for Dogs?

    All Pet
    Solutions stocks a complete range of long dog leads, suitable for the strongest
    pullers and the most dedicated cat chasers! Our Strong Padded Dog Lead is made from super
    durable Nylon, with a padded handle to make sure you can keep a tight grip
    without any discomfort!

    These short
    leads for dogs come in a beautiful range of five jewel colours, as bright and
    sparkly as your dog's personality! The 120 cm length is the perfect size for a
    dog lead with handle to keep your dog close without being restrictive - and
    best of all they are machine washable!

    Why are Long Dog Leads Useful?

    Some pups
    aren't keen on company, or tend to run off in a flight of fancy when they catch
    a delicious scent! Longer leads are a perfect way to give your pooch the
    freedom to roam and sniff those smells, without taking any risks with their

    When you
    need a longer dog walking leash, check out the 6ft Dog Lead. With seven colours to choose
    from, you can take your pick. These long dog leads are lightweight and have a
    robust lobster click for quickly attaching and releasing it. The sturdy fabric
    is tear-resistant, weatherproof, and dirt repellent - an all-round top

    All Pet
    Solutions Basic Leads range contains every type of
    leash you might need, and we are proud to stock our very own brand.