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    Pond UV Clarifiers from AllPetSolutions

    If you want to keep your pond water safe & healthy for your fish, a high quality pond UV steriliser light is an essential investment. Whether you are looking for small or large Koi ponds, we stock a large selection of high quality pond UV lights at great prices!

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    15 products

    What Is a Pond UV Steriliser - and Do I Need One?

    Pond UV Sterilisers are part of the ideal pond set up and make it simple to keep your pond water clean, safe, free from algae and waterborne pathogens.

    UV sterilisers provide powerful sterilising, using the water flow to eliminate algae and disease organisms that can harm your pond, helping reduce algae and waterborne pathogens.

    Smart UV technology means that using this type of steriliser rids your water of 99% of nasty’s, without having any dangerous side effects, or using chemicals or synthetic materials to break down algae and floating organisms.

    AllPetSolutions stock a considerable range of sterilisers; both pond UV sterilisers and smaller models suitable for smaller ponds.

    Visit our full range online, or drop our pond experts a message to select the right model for your pond environment.

    How Do I Choose a Pond UV Steriliser?

    The best steriliser for your pond will depend on the size of your pond, and therefore the volume of water.

    Our Pond UV Steriliser / Clarifier Stainless Steel provides no less than 110 W of SSUV and harnesses a stainless steel design that is up to 30% more effective than plastic.

    This super tough model can manage ponds of up to 115,000 litres and is suited to the largest of areas with a two-year warranty included as standard.

    Another best-seller for smaller ponds and aquariums is our 9 W Pond UV Steriliser. This compact model uses a unique helix construction, which spins the water delivering more extensive UV exposure for faster, more thorough sterilisation.

    Also suitable for both marine and freshwater ponds and aquariums, the 9 W model also offers a triple inlet/outlet design, adaptable for waterfall features, and can manage water up to 4,000 litres in volume.

    We are proud to supply our very own AllPondSolutions Pond UV Steriliser range, leveraging our years of experience in professional pond care to offer outstanding value and unbeatable performance.