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    Aquarium Substrate, Gravel & Fish Tank Sand at AllPetSolutions

    Explore our fantastic range of fish tank gravel and aquarium sand today, which includes black sand, pea shingle and pebble varieties.

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    31 products

    Is Aquarium Gravel different from normal gravel?

    Gravel for aquariums is specially formulated for fish tank environments and is not the same as any regular sand or gravel.

    The bottom layer of your tank, where your aquarium sand lies, is called the substrate. This is an integral part of the health of your tank and affects the chemicals in your fish’s habitat as well as filtration and, of course, how charming your aquarium looks.

    You can choose between a wide variety of substrates, all stocked by AllPetSolutions in our vast catalogue of Gravel and Sands for fish tanks.

    These include pebbles, pea shingle, blank sand and an assortment of colours and textures to bring vitality and appeal to your aquarium environment.

    What is the Best Brand of Aquarium Sand?

    AllPetSolutions stock only the best brands, and of course, our range of carefully created fish tank products.

    We are proud to supply high quality, cost-effective aquarium gravel from leading suppliers such as Natural Color.

    Which Aquarium Sand should I choose?

    With such a range of choices, it can be confusing to know whether to use gravel in aquarium environments or to choose a bright colour pop of natural aquarium sand. It's essential to consider your livestock's natural habitat before designing your aquarium. 

    Typically, aquarium sands are best for Marine aquariums, and gravel is more of a popular in cold water and tropical setups. Gravel in aquariums is not recommended for goldfish as they can eat the stones causing it to become stuck in their throats.

    Another consideration is the size of aquarium gravel; we offer sizes from a larger 4-6 mm gravel to fine 0.4-0.6 mm sands, all in multiple options from Natural Black to vibrant Purple and classic White to soothing Natural Colour sprinkles.

    With gravel for aquariums available in sizes from 2 kg right up to 5 kg, choosing the ideal amount for your fish tank has never been easier.