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    Interactive cat toys help felines stay fit, relieve boredom and allow them to use those innate hunting instincts. They are also a great way of providing a fun way for you and your cat to play together.

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    4 products

    Why choose an Internative Cat Toy?

    The best cat interactive toys combine play with mental stimulation, to keep your cat busy, happy and healthy. Interactive cat toys are a perfect solution for indoor cats that need lots of encouragement to play and stay alert, as well as for cats that struggle to be left alone and need a rewarding distraction to keep their minds engaged!

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    Stimulating cat toys come in all shapes and sizes to suit every age moggie. Some of our favourites include the game solutions from the reputable Trixie brand. These include a cat Solitaire Strategy Game, an Activity Turn Around task and Activity Fun Board. We challenge any inquisitive cat not to be intrigued and delighted by having these games to play – and treats in reward of course!

    Cats are smart animals and providing them with cat tunnels and interactive games not only encourages their sense of play but also keeps them stimulated and learning as they have fun.

    A treat dispensing cat toy is a great option to keep larger (or lazier!) moggies active. The PetSafe SlimCat cat food dispenser toy is a clever game that dispenses treats only when it is rolled. This encourages your kittie to be active, and they will quickly understand that the treat will only arrive when they have worked hard to keep the ball in motion!

    Cat wand toys are fun for both human and cat, and particular for younger children are a good way to learn how to safely interact with your kitten whilst steering clear of those sharp claws! Cat wand toys are also a perfect way to encourage the hunting and catching instincts of your cat and keep their mind active and their instincts honed.

    Another favourite is cat tunnels, which provide both an exciting mimic of stalking in the wild, but also provide a safe and cosy space for smaller cats to relax. Anybody with a shy kitten will know how much they love snuggling up in their tunnel!

    Our complete range of cat toys are designed to make sure every home has the right interactive cat toys to keep their feline healthy, and their spirits high. Check out our range of toys, and have fun playing and interacting with your cat!