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    Water Fountains for Dogs at AllPetSolutions

    Water fountains for dogs are the perfect sensory experience for your pup, creating fresh bubbly water in a neat and clean environment, all with free UK delivery.

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    2 products

    What is the benefit of using Dog Water Fountains?

    Do you have a fussy pup that loves to lap up water from a muddy stream, but neglects their water bowl for dogs?

    Perhaps you're worried about your pooch getting dehydrated when the heating kicks in, but their dogs water level never seems to change?

    An AllPetSolutions water fountain for pets range is your answer! There are multiple reasons to choose a hydration system; with the most important being that the water is fresh, clean, and pure - with replacement filters available to top up your water bowl for dogs.

    We love innovation almost as much as we love our fluffs; and a system that delivers continual fresh water for dogs, with zero fuss, spills or noise has to get a gold star!

    Why do dogs prefer to drink from a fountain?

    Water for dogs can quickly become cloudy and dusty, exposed to all the airborne particles that are part of daily life.

    Discerning pups prefer a fresh water supply, and a water fountain for pets delivers, with a smart filtering system that removes impurities at the source.

    Our Water Drinking Fountain is also perfect for busy owners who don't have time to replace their pet's water multiple times per day. The silent water pump will quietly, and efficiently continue to filter water through the natural carbon, creating a delicious fresh supply all day long.

    A smart curved surface looks slick and chic, but has a practical application too; this water bowl for dogs is ergonomically designed for ultimate canine comfort, without pinching at long hair or creating a rough surface that isn't comfortable to drink from.

    The AllPetSolutions team always champions water for dogs through a fountain for puppies too; messy pups who love to paddle will have a hard time making a mess, with a smooth spout and fitted top cover making it a great way to drink - without the spills!