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    External & Internal Fish Tank Filters at AllPetSolutions

    Keep your fish tank water clean and your finned friends happy with our fantastic range of aquarium filters. Whether you need internal filters or external filters, we have them all.

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    47 products

    Which are the Best Aquarium Filters?

    filters perform an essential job, by removing any dirt or chemicals from your
    fish tank and keeping the water clean and high quality.

    know that some fish owners prefer the external control gained by using an
    aquarium external
    . You may find you don't have space, or you are looking for
    something a little more streamlined based within your aquarium and choose an
    internal filter.  For those who want an easy setup, you can choose from
    our aquariums with a filter built in.

    When it
    comes to selecting the right filters for aquariums, there are lots of factors
    to consider:

    The capacity of your tank.

    Whether you have freshwater or saltwater fish.

    Easy access to clean your external aquarium

    The power usage of the filter aquarium.

    We offer
    every variety of internal and external filters for aquariums of all sizes, from Hang On Filters providing a continuous
    waterfall feature, to low-maintenance Internal Filters, which are simple to use and

    How often should I change the Aquarium Filter
    Foam or Media?

    For most
    types of filters, you will typically need to replace active carbon every 2-3
    month most foams and other media only need replacing when these break down. It
    is essential to clean your aquarium's filter regularly, including the housing.

    Our ranges
    include convenient multi-purpose filters for aquariums, making maintenance as
    simple as possible.

    Take a look
    at the Internal Filter with 9W UV Steriliser for
    the freshest tank yet, or our Clear Adjustable Flow Filter, suitable for
    tanks up to 600-litre capacity.

    Can I get a quiet and discreet Aquarium Filter?

    external aquarium filter and internal filter ranges include convenient options
    that slot seamlessly into or beside any size or shape of tank.

    For a
    subtle filter that keeps your fish tank clear without obstructing your aquatic
    view, check out our Internal Corner Fitter, complete with suction
    cups for secure placement.