Dog Drying Mats

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    Absorbent Dog Mats & Dog Mats for Crates at AllPetSolutions

    Protect your floors from muddy paws with our range of waterproof absorbent dog mats. Got a puppy? Dog crate mats will make for a comfortable place for your dog to lay down.

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    1 product

    What are the benefits of Absorbent Dog Mats?

    Here at All
    Pet Solutions, we know that your house doesn't feel like home without at least
    a couple of pairs of paws. However, the mud and chaos that go along with it
    aren't always ideal! A great waterproof dog mat protects your floors, cleans
    your pup’s paws, and removes pesky dirt and dust that can cause more
    significant problems.

    Can I use a Waterproof Dog Crate Mat?

    If you are
    crate training, have a night time crate, or travel with your pup in the car, a
    waterproof dog crate mat is an absolute must! For younger dogs, they are an
    efficient way to deal with those little accidents and are great at drying muddy
    paws after a wet walk.

    microfibre dog mat is seriously smart; designed just for dogs, the shape
    encourages faster airflow for quicker drying time, meaning that your soggy
    doggy will be dry in no time!

    Which Waterproof Dog Mat should I choose?

    absorbent dog mats is a simple way to avoid bringing too much water and mess
    into your home (and your car seats will thank you!). They have an added benefit
    of helping your dog to dry faster, which avoids skin irritations and nasty bugs
    that can be picked up from still water.