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    Lighting for Fish Tanks at AllPetSolutions

    Aquarium lighting is an important part of your fish tank setup, especially if your fish tank consists of live plants. LED lights will also give you an extra clear view of your tank scenery.

    Explore our range of Fish Tank Lighting today, which includes small nano LED lights, Coldwater & Tropical Lighting.

    2 products

    Do I Need Aquarium Lighting for my Fish Tank?

    AllPetSolutions always recommend having lighting for aquariums with LED Fish Tank lighting being the recommendation to use for any fish tank.

    These not only illuminate your tank, and capture the beauty of your fishy friends, but also make sure that they get all the light they need to thrive and live healthy lives.

    Our range of aquarium lighting provides multiple options, from our specialist AllPetSolutions range to reef lights and tropical fish LED lights to make sure your fins are kept happy and well.

    How Long Should I Leave Fish Tank Lights on For?

    Most fish should have their lights in aquariums turned on for around 8-12 hours per day. Leaving them on permanently can encourage excessive algae growth, and prevent your fish from getting the rest they need. Reduce this time by half if you are having an algae breakout.

    Take a look at our Tropical and Cold Water LED Lights, available in four different lengths to suit every tank size. With optimal light output and energy-efficient bulbs, you can keep your fish well lit, without running up your utility bills.

    Can I Get Lights in Aquarium Tanks for Small Fish?

    Check out our Small Aquarium LED Lights, ideal for cube tanks and with simple clips for fast, stress-free installation.

    These discrete fastenings have a low-power consumption rating, are perfectly sized to provide aquarium lighting for smaller tanks, and come complete with both a plug and a USB adapter for convenience.

    AllPetSolutions are delighted to stock a wide variety of sizes and types of lights for aquariums, including our specialist range, to offer you the best choice, and diverse pricing options to suit every budget.