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    Treatments and Water Conditioners for Fish Tanks & Fish at AllPetSolutions

    Explore our range of aquarium water treatments and fish medicines, which includes Algae Control and cleaning solutions.

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    7 products

    Why do I need to treat my aquarium water?

    water treatments are a vital part of keeping water quality optimal and perform
    a wide variety of tasks. These include: 

    • Cleaning harmful bacteria
    • Reducing chemical levels
    • Neutralising pH levels
    • Controlling algae
    • Removing dangerous nitrites

    stocks a comprehensive selection of the best aquarium water treatments on the

    We are
    delighted to partner with respected brands such as AllPondSolutions to
    deliver every treatment and medication you could need for your fish tank.

    What Fish Tank Water Treatments does my
    aquarium need?

    Some medications
    are suitable when you have a specific problem or need to eliminate a particular
    pest from interfering with your fish's comfort. Others are general healthy
    water treatments that prevent any harmful substance build-up.

    tanks often experience algae growth, and so Green Algae Control Treatment is an ideal

    Aquarium Rescue Water Conditioner Dechlorinator is
    another useful weapon in your quest for fresh water. It treats tap water
    quickly and effectively, to transform ordinary water into safe, de-chlorinated
    water perfect for your fish.  

    Are there aquarium Water Treatments for all
    types of tanks?

    If you've just
    started your adventure as a fish keeper, or have welcomed some new fins to the
    family, you want to make sure they have the best possible environment to grow
    and to thrive.

    Active Start Water Treatment is a great choice and promotes the rapid growth
    of valuable microorganisms which supports the biological cycle within your

    Using a Health
    Conditioner is also a good idea. It helps strengthen the immune system for
    both tropical and marine fish, avoiding the use of any harmful antibiotics and
    keeping your fish's lives stress-free.

    If you need
    help to understand the best aquarium water treatments to promote overall health
    in your tank system, or would like a recommendation about the ideal product to
    eliminate any irritations, get in touch with
    the AllPetSolutions team and we'll be happy to lend a hand!