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    Slow feeders for dogs are a great option for canines that tend to eat their dog food too fast. Slow feed dog food bowls make dogs work to get to their kibbles so they can't gulp down their food. They also improve digestion and help them eat at a healthy pace.

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    3 products

    Why use a Slow Feeder Dog Bowl?

    As dog owners, we have all known a pooch that eats far too fast, and probably has eyes bigger than their belly! Introducing the smart dog bowl to slow down eating; a simple and effective solution to prevent the health issues caused by gulping down dinner!

    Our slow feeder dog bowl range has everything you need from a dog slow feeder. We stock models with an anti-slip base, you don't need to worry any more about spillages from your messy eater, and the different types of column within the feeding bowls ensure that your pup eats much slower.

    Why buy your Slow Dog Feeder from us?

    Our All Pet Solutions Slow Feeder comes in a vibrant green colour, and is made from sturdy Melamine so is 100% safe and dishwasher friendly - because convenience is king! Not only does a slow feeder dog bowl aid your pooches' gut health, but it is also a mental stimulant, keeping them engaged and focused on the task at hand - tea time!

    What are the benefits of a Slow Eating Dog Bowl?

    A slow feeder for dogs prevents your pets from vomiting after eating, this is because it helps them eat their food slower without gulping. Gulping food causes all sorts of issues, including digestion problems, gas, regurgitating food and even choking. For many breeds and many greedy pups, a dog slow feeder shows instant improvements in their health.

    An anti gulp dog bowl uses smart inserts in the bowl meaning your dog has to work around them to reach their food, extending their meal times and keeping their tail wagging. They work perfectly with wet or dry food and are tough enough to cope with those jaws that don't know when to stop at the bottom of the bowl.

    Choosing a slow eating dog bowl is a wise choice for every dog, as using a dog bowl to slow down eating reduces stomach bloating and gas - making your canine companion much more fun to live with!

    Check out our range of slow feeders for dogs, for meal times that are happier, tidier, and tummy-friendly.