Drinking Fountains for Cats

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    Water Fountains for Cats at AllPetSolutions

    Cat water fountain is the perfect sensory experience for your feline, creating fresh bubbly water in a neat and clean environment, all with free UK delivery.

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    2 products

    Why is a Water Fountain for Cats better for feline health?

    A water cat fountain isn't just a cool device for your kitchen or a neat way to keep messy moggies from tracking spillages through the house! 

    Water and hydration are crucial for feline health at all ages, and the AllPetSolutions water fountain cats range is the ideal way to keep your kitty interested in drinking; whatever their age.

    Fresh bubbly water creates a sensory experience, being more appealing to cats than still water, which can quickly become tainted and dusty.

    How often do I need to top up my Water Cat Fountain?

    We love the Water Drinking Fountain, with a generous 2.5-litre capacity. That means you can top up your fountain with up to ten days of water!

    Never have that nagging worry that you forget to fill up the water bowl, with a constant supply of pure, filtered water. Replacement carbon filters are also available, making a low-cost water fountain for cats a long-term investment in the health of your kitty.

    The USB powered cables are easy to use in any home, and the ultra-quiet pump keeps the flow fresh, with a 30-decibel noise that won't bother you, or your pet.

    Is a Cats Water Fountain suitable for kittens?

    It sure is! Our water fountain for cats range is suited to any age of moggie, with the smooth, rounded edges providing a comfortable drinking surface.

    Older cats find it easier to drink, without needing to stoop or bend their necks, and small kittens love the bubbling spout that turns getting a drink into a whole new game!

    We've designed our own brand AllPetSolutions fountain with a split design, which means it can be swiftly assembled and taken apart for cleaning. The smart water level window and filter monitor ensure you know exactly when it needs a top-up or new filter.