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    Rope Leads for Dogs at AllPetSolutions

    Keep your dog close by with one of our high-quality rope dog leads. Perfect choice for many dog owners, they're incredibly strong, reliable, and come in many different lengths and colours.
    Choose from cotton rope leads and reflective dog rope slip leads perfect for evening walkies.

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    18 products

    Dog rope leads are the perfect combination of strength and security, providing outstanding comfort for dog owners and keeping your paws safely on their lead, even if they love to pull.

    Tough cotton rope is durable, long-lasting, easy to clean and quick to dry.

    Browse the Rope Dogs Leads collection at AllPetSolutions for our comprehensive range of high-quality dog rope leads that make walks easier, calmer and better controlled!

    What Are the Benefits of Using Rope Leads for Dogs?

    Rope leads for dogs have excellent shock absorption qualities, so even when your dog tries to charge after their favourite thing, it won't put a strain on your wrists, shoulders and back.

    If you're looking for a versatile dog lead, suitable for all ages and sizes, and secure slip leads (recommended by rescues and trainers nationwide!), rope dog leads are a great choice.

    Natural fibres offer a little more give to protect your arms, and comfort-grip handles help you stay in total control even with the most excitable pet.

    What to Look for in Rope Dog Leads?

    If you're unsure what sort of rope dog leads to go for, here's a quick and easy guide!

    • Material: our rope leads for dogs are made with thick cotton roping that is extremely tough and durable. Nylon or polypropylene are also options, which are lightweight and water-resistant.
    • Length: AllPetSolutions stocks dog rope slip leads in 120 cm and 140 cm lengths. You should opt for shorter leads for pups that pull or longer leads for well-trained paws.
    • Clip: our 360 tangle-free hooks prevent tangles with heavy-duty clasps to ensure even the most determined dog won't break free.

    You can visit our full collection of dog rope leads online and compare colours, styles and features to suit your dog's personality!

    Are Dog Rope Leads Suitable for Larger Breeds?

    Rope dog leads are perfect for larger breeds, chunky pups and dogs that like to pull on their sniffy walks!

    Dog rope slip leads are designed to give you control over tugging and train your pooch to walk beautifully while having the durability to cope with the strength of bigger dogs.

    Choosing dog rope leads with reflective strips provides an added safety element, particularly if you're tackling training early in the morning during the darker months.