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    Cats can be super picky about their bathroom habits so it's important to choose a litter tray that suits them. You'll need to consider the size and placement of the cat litter tray and whether your kitty is shy and prefers a hooded cat litter box, for privacy, or an open litter tray.

    Whether you're looking for a basic litter box or an ultra-modern self-cleaning litter box you'll find a perfect type for you and your cat.

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    27 products

    What are the Best Cat Litter Trays

    Whether you
    are welcoming a new set of paws into your home, or have decided it's high time
    for your kitty to have an upgrade on their cat litter box, there are so many
    options to choose from!

    The best
    cat litter trays are sturdy and hardwearing while being comfortable for the
    most discerning of kitties to use, and simple to empty and clean.

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    the complete range of cat litter boxes, litter trays and litter scoops at AllPetSolutions Cat Litter Boxes & Accessories range

    What is the Easiest Way to Clean a Cat Litter

    quickest and most straightforward option has to be to use litter tray liners! keeping
    your kitty's cat litter box fresh easier than ever!

    If your
    feline prefers a little privacy when they do their business, a hooded cat
    litter tray is the best option. Check out the cat litter box, available in and
    with a handy carry handle to take with you on the move.

    How Do I Litter Train a Kitten?

    The best
    cat litter trays and litters are made from tactile, appealing materials that
    encourage your kitty to use their litter tray.

    smart move is to use a litter tray mat, which ensures your cat litter box
    doesn't slip or slide and catches up any stray litter and dusty paws to keep
    your home fresh and clean.