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    If you want to have healthy fish food for your pond, but you don't want to spend a lot of money, we have fish food that's available at a great price. We stock a wide range of branded pond fish food from leading manufacturers such as AllPondSolutions, Nishikoi and Hikari. We understand the importance of choosing high quality fish food that will keep your fish's tummies full.

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    5 products

    How to choose the best Pond Fish Food?

    Foods for fish living in ponds is available in a wide array of types, formulas and brands.

    AllPetSolutions are proud to offer you the broadest selection of fishes food brands, from our specialist range from AllPondSolutions.

    The right pond fish food for your finned friends will depend on their breed, how they prefer to feed, and what sort of food products are best for their health.

    For a superb all-purpose and budget-friendly option, our Pond Flake Fish Food is a best selling product. This complete food is available in either three or five litres, depending on the size of your pond and number of fish, and is suitable for all types of goldfish, koi and pond fish.

    Feeding your Fishes Food regularly

    How often you need to feed your pond fish food depends on several factors:

    The size and breed of your fish.

    How many fish you have in your pond.

    The water capacity.

    Time of year and temperature.

    As a good rule of thumb, you should aim to feed your fish no more food than they can either within around five minutes.

    If you're travelling (or tend to be forgetful) then the Solar Powered Automatic Pond Fish Food Feeder is a perfect solution! Ideal for larger ponds where fish need to be fed frequently, or for larger fins that require a lot of food, this handy device operates for up to three months on a single charge.

    Different types of Pond Fish Food

    We stock every type of foods for fish and are always on hand to advise on the right food for your breed and pond size.

    Our most popular fishes foods include our Premium Floating Pond Sticks, Premium Koi Pond Fish Sticks.