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    Aquarium Products from AllPetSolutions

    Explore our fantastic range of aquarium products which includes Fish Tanks, Filters, Pumps, Heaters and everything else you will need for your Aquarium set up. Free delivery on everything in store.

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    Top Selection of Aquarium and Fish Tank

    are delighted to stock every type of product, treatment equipment and accessory
    you need to make sure your aquarium thrives.

    handpicked range cover the complete spectrum of tanks for fish, from everyday
    food to colourful plant life - visit our catalogues at:

    What are the Best Tropical Fish Tanks?

    The right
    aquarium for your home depends on many factors, such as how many fish you have,
    what sort of fish tank you prefer aesthetically, and whether you keep tropical
    fish or a species requiring special care.

    Some breeds
    of fish live happily together for many years. In contrast, some species are not
    very compatible with others, so your ideal tank for fish will also depend on
    your pet's preferences, perfect habitat and size.

    stock a wide variety of designs, from contemporary curved aquariums to our
    ultra-clear glass tank for fish.

    How Much Food Should I Feed my Fish?

    It is
    essential to feed your fish the right food for their species and to keep this
    consistent. If you need help determining the right sort of food, or choosing
    the right food to match the diet they are used to, do get in contact with
    AllPetSolutions for expert advice.

    Our fish
    food range includes everything from pellets to treats, and flakes to wafers so
    you can cater to even the most particular of aquatic diets.

    Most fish
    need feeding much more often in their active summer months than in the winter, and
    it is essential never to overfeed, as this can clog up your filters and leave
    excess food particles clouding the water.

    A good
    indicator is to feed a volume that your fishy friends can eat in around two
    minutes. The AllPetSolutions food range includes pellets for carnivorous fish,
    micro pellets for the smallest of fins and slow sinking pellets to help bottom
    eaters get their fill at every mealtime.