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    Choose from our wide selection of bird feeders to attract a large range of bird species to your garden. Whether it‚s a bird table or a hanging bird feeder, you‚ll find something to suit all types of birds.

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    14 products

    Putting up a feeder for birds is a brilliant way to help wild birds stay well-fed and healthy throughout the year.

    If you start regularly putting out your birds feeders, you'll quickly see beautiful songbird species start visiting your garden regularly, usually bringing all their friends and families with them!

    The beauty of using feeders for birds is that they are suitable for any property - and even in the busiest urban cities, it's essential never to forget that native British birds are always nesting and living around us.

    Where is the Best Place to Put Feeders for Birds

    You can hang your new feeder for birds anywhere. They are great to bring a touch of nature to balconies, patios, gardens and terraces - anywhere outdoors where you have access to stock up your bird food!

    There are a few tricks to make sure you attract the most incredible array of pretty wings to your property:

    Choose a location that is at least two metres from the ground. That means that dainty little sparrows and robins can safely enjoy a snack without worrying about predators or the neighbourhood cats!

    If you're putting up a bird feeder stand, opt for natural timber and something with a weatherproof roof. That ensures the food doesn't get damp (which can cause mould and make it inedible) and that there won't be any chemicals or residues on the stand that birdies won't like.

    Keep your feeder for birds topped up regularly! Wild birds are always on the lookout for new food sources, so if you have a reliable bird feeder in your garden that is always good for a treat, you will increase the variety of bird species you see.

    Do Feeders for Birds Attract Pests to Your Garden?

    Not if they're put up in a good space, no! The AllPetSolutions team recognises that many homeowners avoid leaving out food for birds, hedgehogs and badgers for fear of attracting rats or bugs.

    The great thing about a feeder for birds is that they only need to be accessible by tiny sets of wings. Using bird seeds, nuts, mealworms and suet specifically designed for birds will avoid leaving out scraps that are attractive to other species and will ensure your wild birds are well cared for throughout the year.

    Visit the AllPetSolutions Bird Feeders Catalogue for a vast selection of some of our favourite charming and sustainable and feeders for birds!