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    Suet & Fat Bird Feeders at AllPetSolutions

    Refill less frequently and feed more birds at once with our range of peanut butter, suet and fat ball feeders. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs our fat and suet bird feeders will accommodate most types of suet. 

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    Bird fat ball feeders are a perfect option for making your garden enticing to wild birds, with a calorie-dense treat packed with seeds, nuts, fats and fruit.

    Wild birds need different nutrients throughout the year, and a suet ball feeder from AllPetSolutions is ideal for winter.

    Eating from a bird fat ball feeder encourages birds to stay longer than leaving scattered raw seeds, so you get a better glimpse of even the most private wild bird species.

    Benefits of Suet Feeders For Birds

    A fat ball feeder bird table is excellent for wild birds since this keeps the tasty snack out of reach from other wild species and domestic animals tempted by the ingredients.

    Natural suet ball feeders often contain animal-friendly peanut butter and lard or beef fat, so while it's an invaluable source of nutrition for our birdy friends, a suet ball feeder will make sure they don't miss out on their lunch!

    Why Every Garden Needs a Bird Fat Ball Feeder

    Suet feeders for birds will attract a considerable range of incredible native birds to your garden and help them stay warm and healthy in cold weather.

    If you love spotting unusual breeds, listening to starling songs, or waking to the gentle tap-tap of a woodpecker, you need a suet ball feeder in your garden.

    The great benefit of suet feeders for birds is that, if you opt for a hanging feeder, you can use this throughout the year, inviting delicate hummingbirds in the summer and providing bathing spots for birdbaths.

    Choosing Your Suet Ball Feeder

    It's best to hang fat ball feeder bird food away from any other bird tables, and you can place your suet feeders for birds pretty much anywhere you have a space to hang them!

    We'd recommend choosing a hanging option for balconies or trees, as this keeps the suet out of reach and ensures your birds can snack safely away from any predators.