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    Automatic cat feeders are a great option for pet owners that can be forgetful around dinnertime or maybe haven‚t made it home in time to feed moggy.  Automatic cat feeders allow you to pre-set multiple meal times allowing you to relax knowing your cat is fed.

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    3 products

    If there's one thing we don't love about our furry felines, it's being woken up at the crack of dawn by a bat from a soft paw! AllPetSolutions has the answer, with our advanced, super-simple automatic feeders for cats - which mean your cat's bowl will keep their tummies full, without you needing to move a muscle!

    I work all day how can I feed my cat?

    Buying an automatic cat food dispenser will save you the worry of your cat being hungry whilst you are at work. Even if your at an occasion or running late the cat automatic feeder will give your cat their dinner so you don't have to. No matter the lifestyle a timed cat feeder will revolve around yours and your cat's lifestyle, you can set these feeders at your chosen time.

    What are the Benefits of Cat Automatic Feeders?

    As well as being ideal for early breakfasts, a cat automatic feeder can be programmed to dispense food automatically or manually. If you're running late from work, or stuck in traffic and know an impatient kitty is yowling for their supper, you can simply instruct your cat feeder station to deliver dinner!

    With a range of models and designs to suit your feline, and your style, choose from battery or mains powered options - so you can take your bowls for cats on your travels with you.

    Using a smart Wi-Fi connection, you can even set up a video record option - so you know just how nicely your paws are behaving during lunch!

    Are Cat Feeder Stations Good for Weight Management?

    The AllPetSolutions range of automatic feeders for cats is ideal for greedy toms who love to snack - and can dispense at your instruction. If you need to top up the cats bowl earlier or need exact control over portioning, a cat automatic feeder does the job perfectly every time.

    Another great benefit is the lack of mess! No scoops, no spills and no storage - our automatic feeders for cats are the ultimate lifestyle companion for a busy cat owner, and will keep your moggie just as happy as you!

    And if you're worried that your favourite feline will miss you at dinner time, even though you've delivered dinner bang on schedule? Use a voice recording to leave them a soothing message or call out to your pet to let them know it's food time!

    Check back soon for more new designs and brands added to our Cat Automatic Feeders range!