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    It is important to have a high quality liner for ponds, not only for a water tight pond, but also for easy maintenance. At AllPondSolutions, we are proud to offer an excellent selection of pond liners and underlay to meet every pond size requirement. All with free UK delivery.

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    8 products

    What do Pond Liners do?

    Pond liners are an essential foundation to create a sustainable, watertight pond structure that doesn't leak or drain water.

    The best liners for ponds create an impermeable layer, which keeps watertight for decades. Our AllPetSolutions liner pond materials carry unbeatable guarantees, including our best selling Premium Pond Liners, with a 40-year guarantee, and our budget-busting LDPE Pond Liners, with a 25-year warranty.

    A one mm thickness ensures water is kept safely in place, and with size options from two by two metres right up to six by three metres PVC, our liners for ponds are guaranteed to create a robust structure and be easy to cut down to your perfect size.

    Which materials do I need to build a Pond?

    As well as an excellent quality liner, an essential investment is some durable Thick Pond Underlay. This helps your pond liner last even longer and creates a protective shield against sharp stones that might pierce the liner as it ages and shifts.

    Pond Grade Quality Underlay is another option, and the strong human-made fibres are resistant to rot and create maximum protection even from growing roots and soil erosion.

    If you're new to building a pond, you will be pleased to know that the AllPetSolutions pond liners come complete with a building advice sheet, with our compliments.

    Is it possible to repair a torn Pond Liner?

    It certainly is, and patching a small tear is a cost-effective way of repairing damage and extending the life of your pond, before considering investing in a new liner for ponds.

    We stock the Gold Label Pond Liner Patch Kit, in sizes small medium and large to help mend and seal tears and holes.

    With our specialist AllPetSolutions liner pond products and leading brands such as Gold Label, visit our Pond Liner catalogue online to fulfil all of your requirements.