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    Foam & Filter Media for Ponds at AllPetSolutions

    If you want to create a suitable environment for your fish, it is essential that your pond water is kept clean and crystal clear by regularly replacing your filter foams or media.

    Explore our large range of replacement pond filter foams and media

    22 products

    What does Filter Media For Ponds do?

    Pond life is subject to lots of variables, from algae build up to chemicals and oxygenation to pH levels. Filter media helps to enhance the good bacteria in your pond water, by filtering out any impurities and improving the wellbeing of your fish, water quality and conditions.

    Our pond filter foam range includes a diverse collection of different media suitable for most pond filters. For the best results, when replacing filter media for ponds to specifically choose compatible replacement filter media for the equipment you are using.

    AllPetSolutions pond filter foams are toxin-free and ensure that aquatic life is kept safe and happy.

    Choosing the right Pond Filter Foam

    With so many types of filter foams, it can be confusing to know which media are right for your pond!

    A good choice is our High Grade Activated Carbon, for an all-natural solution that rids your water of any unwanted organic or synthetic substances, including Chlorine.

    Japanese Matting is also a convenient choice, and a biological filter media for ponds that is simple to use, easy to clean, and stays firmly in place. This best-seller fits with the AllPondSolutions CBF-350 Filter (perfectly combined with the CBF Foam Cleaning Tool).

    Another popular pond filter media is the Ceramic Rings. These bio rings provide a larger air surface for improved bacteria development, and the ceramic exterior makes it versatile enough to use in any freshwater, saltwater, external or internal fish habitat.

    How often should I change Pond Filter Foam?

    Keeping your pond filter clean is essential to ensure your filter media lasts longer and performs well. Self-cleaning filters manage this job for you, or you can clean or replace your pond filter foam when it starts to degrade. When replacing any media we recommend keeping at least 50% of your old media in the filter to ensure all healthy bacteria is not lost. Keep the old media in your filter for at least 2-4 weeks before replacing fully.

    A Filter Brush is a great way to make this job quick and easy and collects debris without restricting water flow.

    AllPetSolutions are delighted to offer the broadest range of pond filter media and foams - check out the complete catalogue, including our own specially developed range.