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    Bring out the inner tiger in your puss with our range of cat toys. Our wide selection of cat toys for indoor cats will also satisfy the hunting passion of any outdoor cat and addition of catnip will make them extra irresistible.

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    13 products

    Why buy your Cat Toys from us?

    The range
    of cat toys at
    All Pet Solutions provides exciting play for the cutest of kittens, and engaging interactive toys for cats for the
    smartest of felines! Choosing the best cat toys for your puss is made simple
    with a comprehensive online catalogue, and with cat scratchers and the cutest
    of plush friends your furry family member will be entertained for hours.

    Our cat
    scratchers are one of our top-selling toys for cats – if you have ever lost a
    beloved piece of furniture to a sharp set of claws, you will understand why!
    With hanging scratchers for the highest of leapers, and snug scratching tunnels
    for the most timid of kitties, we have a satisfying scratcher for every pet.

    How to choose the right Toy for My Cat?

    cat toys are perfect for the cleverer kittens who need something engaging to
    keep their minds occupied. These are also a great choice if you have an indoor
    cat and want to make sure they have safe and fun activities to enjoy whilst you
    are away from home! you will find out just how smart your cat is; and keep
    their whiskers twitching.

    fiercest of hunters tend to become cuddly bundles of fluff, and we stock
    refillable catnip toys, organic catnip chews and fun shapes and designs to
    bring a smile to your face.

    stocks a full range of cats toys online, including cat toys for sale so be sure
    to sign up to our newsletter to receive the latest offers! Cat ball toys are great for energetic
    cats, so stock up on their favourite treats to keep them active and engage
    their hunter instinct! 

    Our cat plush
    & mice toys come in a range of cute designs – the
    Purrsonality range makes a perfect gift for the grumpiest cat in your life.