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    Nut & Peanut Bird Feeders at AllPetSolutions

    Our peanut bird feeders are designed to be safer as they do not to allow big chunks of nuts to be taken, reducing the chocking risk to the chicks. Whether you're looking for a perfect squirrel proof peanut feeder or a simple one to hang from your feeding station we have the perfect peanut bird feeder for you.

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    Nut bird feeders are a low-cost, minimal maintenance way to add value to your garden, attract a broad range of elegant bird species, and encourage nesting.

    Our range of peanut feeders for birds at AllPetSolutions includes a vast assortment of leading brands, designs, colour schemes and construction choices so you can choose the best bird nut feeders to create a stunning outdoor focal point.

    How to Feed Wild Birds With Nut Bird Feeders

    Different nut bird feeders are suited to varying species, but it's essential to choose bird nut feeders and nuts or seeds explicitly designed for wild birds.

    Nuts for human consumption, such as salted or dry roasted peanuts, can be highly harmful to birds, as they contain large volumes of salt and additives that are dangerous for our feathered friends.

    The best option is to stock your peanut feeders for birds with crushed or grated nut mixtures if you're keen to spot wrens, robins and dunnocks.

    We'd advise choosing nut bird feeders at height, or hanging feeders, to keep your birdy friends safe from cats and foxes and their food protected from squirrels.

    Species to Expect With a Peanut Bird Feeder

    Most wild birds love a peanut bird feeder, and you can chop and change your seed and nut mixtures to attract a range of colourful wings!

    Great tits, blue tits, woodpeckers, jays and doves all flock to nut bird feeders to get their fill.

    Tips for Restocking Bird Nut Feeders

    Once you've started restocking your peanut bird feeder regularly, it'll become a known source of dinner for local wild birds, and you'll begin to see more birds visiting your home.

    AllPetSolutions suggests offering nuts alongside drinking water, going for easy-fill peanut feeders for birds, or feeding with a screw lid to avoid spillages.