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    Bird Seed Feeders at AllPetSolutions

    Our bird seed feeders are designed to last and attract lots of different birds. Whether you feel a simple seed feeder, bird seed tray or a metal seed feeder would be a better fit for your garden, at AllPetSolutions we offer a plenty of size and shapes to suit you and your feathered friends. 

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    Bird seed feeders are a great way to make your garden more inviting to wild birds!

    With a massive range of seed feeders for birds, AllPetSolutions offers products designed for any garden size, and window birdseed feeders to ensure you get the best view of our native songbirds with or without an outdoor space.

    Choose from a tamper-proof bird seed feeder to keep squirrels away from your seeds or hanging seeds feeders for birds to keep your winged friends happy and healthy throughout the colder weather.

    Choosing a Bird Seed Feeder For Your Garden

    The most suitable bird seed feeders for you depend on the space and layout available.

    Hanging birdseed feeders are usually the ideal way to attract species such as finches, robins and sparrows, since they're clear from the floor and a safe space to snack.

    Our wooden bird seed feeder options are made with natural materials and bird-friendly weatherproof roofs to ensure your seeds and nuts remain dry and nutritious, even in the wettest conditions.

    What to Feed In Birdseed Feeders

    There are tonnes of bird foods, seed mixes and fat balls you can use in your bird seed feeders!

    Most birds love sunflower seeds, peanuts, millet and cracked corn.

    Using a specially made mixture for seeds feeders for birds is perfect, as they'll contain a great blend of all the essential nutrients, without any added salt or sugar that can be harmful.

    Maintenance Advice For Bird Seed Feeders

    Birdseed feeders don't take much maintenance at all, but it's usually wise to give them a clean and wash now and again to ensure your feathery visitors haven't left any droppings behind.

    It's also wise to replace older nuts in your bird seed feeders periodically, especially if you're adding any fresh vegetable treats to your feeding table.