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    Automatic feeders for dogs are a great option for pet owners that can be forgetful around dinner time or maybe haven‚t made it home in time to feed their doggy. Automatic Dog Feeders allow you to pre-set multiple meal times, with just the required amount of food to keep your pup happy and healthy.

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    3 products

    Here at AllPetSolutions, we know that pooches love routine; and for our canines who are ruled by their tummies, getting dinner time on schedule is a big deal!

    Introducing our newly extended range of automatic feeders for dogs. Making doggie dinner times easier, tidier, and perfectly portioned - every time!

    Why are Dog Automatic Feeders Good for their health?

    One of the primary benefits of a dog feeder station is that they are entirely personal.

    Programme your dogs bowl manually or automatically, catch up with lunch when you're tied up elsewhere, and even use a video record function to keep a watchful eye on cheeky pups!

    There are other key benefits that make a dog automatic feeder a brilliant investment:

    • Portion control is perfect - ideal for weight management!
    • Dinner is dispensed automatically at the exact same time.
    • Battery-powered options can be transported for meals that are familiar and comfortable.
    • Wi-Fi connectivity means programming your bowls for dogs from anywhere!

    How does a Dog Feeder Station work?

    How you use your a dog automatic feeder is up to you!

    It could be a handy back-up to make sure you deliver dins when you're running late - or could be a tool to reward positive behaviours, especially if you're using the video record function!

    A dog automatic feeder is also a great way to associate snack time with your voice, with a smart voice record function, so you can call your pup's name when it's time to eat.

    The beauty of these advanced dogs bowl products is that they can be adapted to your needs, with programmable dispensing settings, battery or mains powered options, and manual controls when you need to adjust to a busy routine.

    Check out our full range of technological dog feeder stations, and keep an eye out for new additions to the AllPetSolutions range coming soon!