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    Pamper and protect your dog's paws to ensure they stay nice and healthy with our range of dog nail grooming products and moisturisers.

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    1 product

    Give your dog a pedicure with our Dog Claw Clippers

    Just like us, our dog’s claws are always growing and require regular maintenance. We offer a wide range of nail clippers for dog use, as well as cream for dog paws, so you can take the time to really pamper your pup every few weeks. If you don’t keep on top of your pooch’s nail care needs, their claws can become split and incredibly painful, leading to infections that will then require a vet visit. A quick session with the dog nail trimmer every now and again can stop this happening. Paw moisturisers will help to soothe and relieve dry cracked paws while dog nail clippers will keep your pup’s claws short and healthy. You can make them even neater using a dog nail file to smooth rough edges that could cause a nail to crack and break.

    Choose a Dog Nail Clipper for the best finish

    Perhaps your pup is a show dog, or maybe you just want him to look his best when you parade him around town. Either way, the finish of your pet’s nails is important. You can tidy their paws with a dog nail file, like the a nail file, that will smooth the claw edge after you have trimmed them with a dog nail clipper like our Dog Nail Clippers with Safety Guard.

    Dog Claw Clippers that you can use with ease

    Not all dogs like to have their feet treated, but when you are armed with the very best dog nail trimmer and dog nail file on the market, you have a better chance of success. We have kept our prices as low as possible to ease the process for you, even including free delivery on all orders as standard.