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    Give your pet a perfect night's rest with our range of cosy and comfortable puppy dog beds at unbeatable prices. Fast & Free UK Delivery.

    22 products

    Which are the Best Puppy Beds?

    All dogs need somewhere soft and warm to sleep, and puppies are no exception! Choosing a puppy bed is about how large your bed needs to be, what colours and textures will suit your pup best, and providing them with a safe space for snoozing.

    Our luxury puppy beds come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colours, so there is an ideal option for every home and every canine!

    Can I Get a Waterproof Puppy Bed?

    Choosing the best bed for puppy can be tricky, and a waterproof bed like the Dexter is a perfect solution. The Oxford fabric is sturdy and yet snuggly, and the cover easily zips off to pop in the washing machine if any messes occur during the night.

    A 3-in-1 Cube Bed is a smart choice if you want flexibility, and is one of the best puppy beds for travelling, or if your dog likes to change their sleeping space regularly! The cube can be flipped onto its side, making it ideal for a growing pup since the bed can be adjusted as they grow to provide close comfort.

    Some puppies like to have a little hideaway while they nap, so using the cube structure is a perfect way to help them feel secure as they doze (although your other pets might be very keen to share!).

    What are the Softest Luxury Puppy Beds?

    When you want the best for your paws, check out the Alfie with a super soft lining and plush stuffing, or the fleecy Bella bed with rigid walls for a supported sleep.

    If your pup can't bear to part company, or you would like to take them with you on your travels, a blanket is a great choice! Our top-selling Puppy Gift Sets match perfectly with pink puppy beds, with a cute selection of toys and plushies to keep your pup company throughout the night.

    All Pet Solutions Puppy Beds range includes all you need for the safest nights sleep, including our top picks of the best puppy beds and our very own branded puppy beds!