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    UV Bulbs for Ponds at AllPetSolutions

    UV bulbs can improve the clarification of the water in your pond and be used to treat algae to create a healthy environment for your fish and other pond life. We are dedicated to providing our customers with UV bulbs of the highest quality. We stock a range of UV Bulb from 5w to 55w these are suitable to fit all the popular manufacturers.

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    Are UV lights for ponds important?

    Choosing the right light for pond environments is essential since UV provides powerful clarification qualities that create the best water quality to keep your fish and animal life healthy and well.

    UV lights for ponds treat algae and single-cell organisms. As water circulates, it is pumped through the pond UV steriliser light path, and the ultraviolet light quickly deals with pests and algae.

    Our AllPetSolutions Pond UV Bulbs range includes every size, capacity, and fit of UV lights for ponds, perfectly combined with our UV lighting systems, and compatible with all the leading brands.

    How do I know which light bulb I need for my pond UV?

    The best solution is to check your light or pond equipment and see what size and dimension bulbs you need. It is essential to always replace like for like. Our ranges are all high-performance, cost-effective options and provide excellent quality lighting and clarification without breaking your budget.

    Here are some examples of our bestselling UV lights for ponds in ascending size:

    9W PLS UV Bulb / Lamp - this 9 W bulb needs replacing around every six to twelve months when used as a light for pond cleaning and provides approximately 8,000 hours of sterilisation.

    36W PLL UV Bulb / Lamp

    55W PLL UV Bulb / Lamp - a larger wattage bulb can provide powerful sterilising and clarifying for larger ponds, and lasts for around one entire year.

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