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    Keep your fish tank water clean and your flowing water at high quality with our broad range of filter sponges, foams and filter media.

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    19 products

    What is Aquarium Filter Media?

    Aquarium filter media are the products you place within your tank filter, that improve the quality of the water, as it passes through.

    There isn't only one type of aquarium sponge, they come in various shapes and sizes all with unique qualities that enhance the health and improve the bacteria within the aquarium.

    How are Bio and Mechanical Aquarium Filter Media Different?

    Bio aquarium filter media is made from natural substances, for example, the AllPondSolutions Bio Balls. This innovative filter media helps produce and sustain high oxygen levels, maintain a neutral pH balance, and eliminate toxic ions that can harm your fish's health.

    An alternative is our High Grade Activated Carbon, which is suited to both aquariums and ponds, and removes Chlorine while cultivating healthy bacteria for happy fish and clean water.

    Which Filters and Foams Should I Choose?

    Every tank and every breed of fish is different, so check out our Filters range to decide what type of aquarium filter is right for your size tank.

    To make it simple to keep your filter fresh and the foam regularly replaced, AllPetSolutions stock a complete range of replacement parts and filter sponges.

    Some of our most popular foams include the Replacement Foams for the EF-150 and EF-2-Booster external filters, and the IF Internal Filter Foams, with a size perfectly suited to every range of IF filter model.

    How Often Should I Change my Fish Tank Filter Sponge?

    Typically, you should look to change a filter foam when necessary. More delicate foams can usually be left slightly longer than more coarse filter media since larger foam tends to expand in pore size and break apart.

    Ideally, you should replace your foam gradually, to ensure that there aren't any sudden changes in good bacteria and that your aquarium remains calm and healthy.

    For the full range of Filter Foams and Media, visit the AllPondSolutions range online, including our own specially developed products, and leading brands such as Natural Color.