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    Puppy Pads & Dog Toilet Training from AllPetSolutions

    Knowing how to potty train a puppy is one of the most important steps in having a well-adjusted family pet. A few essentials to start your pup's toilet training are absorbent puppy pads.

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    How to Choose Puppy Training Pads

    Ah, puppy training - that time when you are learning how to house train puppies and are continually astonished at the smallest of spaces your new pup can squeeze into when they just need to go!

    All Pet Solutions Puppy Pads & Toilet Training Range has everything you could need - from puppy toilet training spray through to puppy pads we stock a comprehensive collection of puppy house training resources.

    Our Puppy Toilet Training Pads come in a bumper pack of 100 - because we know that you absolutely always run out, and don't want to sacrifice your floors to puppy pee! We have developed an Extra Large size too, since pups come in all shapes and sizes, and for when standard size puppy pads just don't get the job done.

    Puppy pads can also be used for golden oldies that can't always wait for their next garden visit, to mop up spills from messy drinkers, or to bring with you in the car to save your seats from messy accidents!

    How To House Train Puppies

    The reality is that all tiny pups need time to understand puppy house training, and a few accidents are an inevitable part of nurturing a small fluffy.

    However, it doesn't need to last for long, and puppy toilet training spray is a great way to encourage your little one to use their puppy pads and not your favourite rug.