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    Get your pup off to a great start in their new home with our wide range of puppy supplies and essentials, including beds, leads, chew toys & much more.

    41 products

    Guide to Puppy Essentials

    Getting a
    new puppy is massively exciting; so to help calm the chaos, here is our puppy
    checklist to help you find all the things you need for a puppy in one place!

    through our complete Puppy Products Catalogue for more
    options, or jump straight to our dedicated pages if you know what puppy
    products you need.

    Puppy Beds

    things first, your pup needs a cosy bed to sleep in - since the youngest
    puppies will spend lots of time dozing! Check out the Bella Grey Soft Bed in four sizes to suit
    dogs of every breed - our tip is to size up if you know your pup is going to
    grow fast!

    Your puppy
    checklist should also include a snuggly blanket; the Charlie is a great option with a
    super-soft knit that you will be happy to cuddle up in yourself.

    Choosing a Leash for Puppies

    Once their
    immunisations are complete, your pup will be ready to adventure into the great
    outdoors, so a leash is top of the puppy essentials list!

    Our Strong Padded Dog Lead is ideal as a
    training lead for your first walks, and is sturdy enough to be used as your pup
    gets bigger so you won't need to keep investing in new leads as your walks get
    a little longer.

    Teething Puppy Toys

    ALL puppies
    love to chew, and this provides comfort from teething as their sharp little
    milk teeth grow, followed swiftly by their adult gnashers. Chew toys are
    essential on the list of things you need for a puppy - and your furniture,
    shoes and fingers will thank you!

    Puppy Grooming Supplies

    Even the
    daintiest of pups are bound to get grubby, so having some safe puppy products
    for grooming is a great idea to keep them fragrant and sweet!

    Using a
    gentle brush like the Round Slicker Brush is an excellent way to
    bond with your pup and share some quality time! We'd also recommend thinking
    about some Dog Nail Clippers to make sure those
    claws don't grow uncomfortably long until your puppy can manage longer walks.

    Puppy Food

    Food and
    treats are essential supplies for puppies - and as they grow, so too does their
    endless appetite! Our puppy food range contains everything you need, from
    complete dry food to tasty snacks.

    We hope our
    puppy checklist is useful, and wish you lots of love with your new canine