Best Winter Clothes for Your Dog

While there's little cuter than dressing our pups in Christmassy dog jumpers or snuggly waterproof dog jackets, for some breeds, it's a genuine requirement and essential to help them stay happy and healthy when the winter starts to bite.

Today AllPetSolutions looks at when you should consider buying reflective dog coats and which breeds need dog jumpers to keep cosy once the mercury heads south.

How Can I Tell if My Dog is Cold?

Dogs are great at showing us when they are feeling too cool. Some of the signs include:

  • Changes to behaviour, such as acting nervously or appearing anxious.
  • Shaking, shivering, whining or having a hunched-over posture.
  • Looking for places to shelter, lifting their paws from the ground or being reluctant to head outdoors.

Waterproof dog jackets are ideal for wet conditions because it's often damp, cold fur that causes discomfort it can take dogs a lot longer to feel dry again after a rainy walk!

We have a huge range of Warm Dog Coats and Dog Winter Jackets, with sizes up to large breeds so you can keep your paws toasty all year round.

Should I Dress My Dog for Cold Weather?

Dogs love zoomies outdoors, regardless of whether it's icy or even snowing. We recommend a soft puffer jacket for dogs in sub-zero temperatures or reflective dog coats if you're walking early in the morning or evening when it gets dark very quickly.

Reflective Dog Coats feature hi-vis strips so you can keep sight of your pup as they adventure, or you can opt for sweet cable knit Dog Jumpers or a gorgeous festive sweater if the weather is dry but a little too cold.

Very small breeds find it difficult to preserve body heat, as do those with short hair, so if you have a Chihuahua or Greyhound, warm dog winter jackets are a must.

Can a House Be Too Cold for a Dog?

Most dogs don't need indoor dog jumpers or coats because central heating is more than enough to keep fluffy bodies warm!

However, with millions of people trimming back their heating bills, it could get frosty if you are out of your home for a few hours without any heating.

We'd recommend you go for breathable Dog Coats and Clothing if your home is chilly, especially if they sleep somewhere with a cold draught.