Where To Find Your Perfect Dog?

There is no doubt that a dog is for life, but choosing what breed when buying a dog can be an agonising decision!

Do you want the traditional Golden Retriever puppy to grow up with the kids, or offer a new life to a rescued dog who so dearly needs a home?

Let AllPetSolutions recap the most important questions and what to look for when buying a dog.

Finding Dogs to Rescue

Rescued dogs come in every age, size, shape and breed, and if you have the room in your heart and your home for a rescued dog, they are sure to pay you back a thousandfold in love.

However, while rescue puppies are sure to settle in quickly, an older new dog from a rescue can take a lot of time, patience and assurance before they can truly relax.

Many rescue centres will not rehome UK dogs to rescue with homes with small children, or other boisterous dogs, so it's wise to check out their rehoming criteria and whether they have any puppies before giving your heart away.

Tips for Buying a Dog

If you decide on buying a dog, you can find puppies for sale throughout online listings.

There are a few things to look out for in dogs for buying adverts, and it's worth doing your homework to make absolutely sure puppies for sale are healthy, well, and have been bred ethically.

  • When buying a dog from a breeder, always ensure you can visit them first, and see the mum and her pups together.
  • Never consider puppies for sale if you have any concerns about puppy farming - this is illegal and should be reported.
  • Always ask about the puppies health, food, vaccinations and how they have been cared for, and never buy a new dog under 12 weeks or who has not yet weaned onto solid food.

Once you have decided on your new dog or found the puppies of your dreams, it's time to get excited about your new paws and start stocking up on treats and toys!