What Birds Can I Expect To See in My Garden?

Spotting songbirds and beautiful wild bird species in your garden is a wonderful experience! From tiny starling chicks to elegant doves, cheeky robins, to dainty blue tits, Britain is home to a vast array of fantastic wild bird species.

There are some much rarer birds, which twitchers are always delighted to spot, so it pays to have a bird book to keep an eye on which wild birds are visiting your home!

Which are the Most Common Wild Birds in the UK?

Some of the species you can expect to see if you put up a bird feeder, or leave out food for the birds, include:

  • Robins, with their distinctive brightly coloured red chest.
  • Collared doves (not to be mistaken for pigeons!). They have an unusual collar around their necks and make a sweet, soft cooing sound.
  • Great tits, the largest of the tit species, with cute white cheeks and an elegant song.
  • Goldfinches, spotted by their vibrant yellow winds and bright red faces.
  • Chaffinches, often seen hopping around by the bird feeder or searching for treats in the hedgerow!

The best way to make sure you see as many of these brilliant wild birds is to keep feeding the birds with nutritious bird food that will make your garden a hot spot for winged visitors!

It's also a great idea to use bird feeders, meaning smaller species can dine safely and higher than ground level to keep them clear of cats and dogs.

What Rare Bird Species Might I Spot in My Garden?

Some species are shy, rare, and a treasure to see - and if you're looking after the wild birds in your area and have some great bird accessories such as a nesting box or bird baths, you might receive a more unusual visitor.

  • Hawfinches are very hard to see since they spend so much time in the trees. You can spot them by their powerful, grey bill.
  • Lesser-spotted woodpeckers are a beautiful sight, with soft grey chests, red crowns and black wings. Their unique flight path is often easier to see than the bird itself - but if you have birds boxes, you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse!
  • Nightingales sing a delightful song and migrate to Britain in the spring.

Choosing tasty food for birds and having plenty of bird baths and birds boxes is undoubtedly the best way to entice these rare species to your garden.

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