What Type of Bed Do Cats Prefer?

Every cat will have different preferences, but by and large, they prefer beds that are enclosed to some extent. This helps a kitty to curl up, feel snug, and also be safe.

Some felines, however, are very much nocturnal. While they might settle down at night, they prefer a super soft blanket or luxury cat beds on cat stands higher up to allow them to survey their kingdom whilst their humans sleep!

There is a vast range of cat beds to choose from, so a lot depends on your cat's personality and where they like to sleep.

  • Cats that curl into a ball to sleep usually prefer a round cat bed; ideally, with stiff sides, they can wriggle and snuggle against.
  • Felines that like to sprawl out at night usually like a mat rather than a bed - with plenty of room to stretch out!
  • Kitties who like to huddle under furniture, or sleep somewhere like your laundry baskets are after privacy. The best cat beds for this personality are those that act as a cave - check out our 3-in-1 Cat Bed as a perfect hidey-hole!

Do I Need to Change Where I Put a Cat Bed?

Cats might also change where they sleep as they get older, so there is every possibility that they will start looking for furniture or rooms in the house where they haven't previously spent much time.

If that happens, you can simply move their bed, put a new cat sleeping mat in the room, or let them sleep at will wherever they choose!

Washable cat beds are always an excellent choice for outdoor cats and save a lot of stress cleaning up after muddy paws. They're recommended for cats that like to venture out at night and return for a nap later on.

If you're unsure which luxury cat beds your feline would like best, visit the AllPetSolutions range for more inspiration!