Why Do Dogs Share Dog Bowls and Beds?

Dogs who live together can often share dog bowls, snuggle up together in one dog bed, and take it in turns to play with their favourite toy - but why?

Canines in the same house form a pack. Usually, you'll have one dominant dog, who is 'in charge' of the others, and this is almost always the oldest dog or the pooch who lived in the house first.

They set the rules, and so if they've had their dinner, or think there might be something tastier, it's very likely they'll visit the dog feeding station next door - and that their sibling pups will let them!

This is usually fine unless you've got dogs on different diets, or one pup is on medication mixed with their food - and then, separating them becomes a bit trickier. A good tactic is to use a raised dog feeder for the dog with the special diet, to remove their bowl from the lines of sight and smell of the other dog.

Putting your water dog bowl in between their food stations, or opting for bowls for puppies with a lower lip to help the smaller paws eat their dinner without interruption from older dogs is also a great idea!

Is it OK for My Dogs to Share a Bed?

It sure is! Again, your dogs are in a pack, and cuddling up together can be practical in terms of warmth, or can be comforting as dogs enjoy company and might settle together in a knot with their best furry friend.

However, it's still essential to give each dog its own bed or dog crate. If one dog is tired, needs some space, is feeling agitated, or isn't well, they require a private area to relax and stretch out without feeling pestered.

In most cases, puppies prefer to sleep next to each other, and the AllPetSolutions team has some excellent matching or coordinated options in our vast Dog Beds Range for you to mix and match your beds to suit you and your pup.

  • Our range of washable dog beds are not only great for messy pups, but also older dogs and younger ones.
  • Maybe you're looking for something with a touch of class, or that fits beside you on the sofa. Our luxury dog bed range and sofa dog beds will certainly tick the boxes. 
  • If you're more Eco-friendly minded you'll love our range of Eco-friendly dog beds. There really is something for everyone. 

Whichever beds and dog bowls you choose, don't be worried if your pups like to swap and change!

Our canines are sociable, friendly and generally good at sharing - but if you see any signs of your more dominant dog taking over from the more timid paws, having separate places to eat and sleep is a great idea.