Rainy Day Dog Walking Essentials

While walking the dog in a downpour isn't the most glamorous side of pet ownership, it's also essential!

A few basics such as a rain coat for dogs, a decent dog towel and a reflective collar can make a rainy day stroll all that much easier!

Let's talk about the wet dog walk experience and a few tips to minimise mud and mess.

How Can I Keep Sight of My Dog on a Dark or Rainy Day?

Even in the height of summer, a foggy, damp morning can make visibility all but impossible. We'd suggest a harness with a reflective strip or a reflective collar and a reflective dog lead combo so you can track your pooch.

Our Green Reflective Slip Lead is also great for potential escape artists!

Dog rope slip leads are recommended by rescues and are perfect for pups that tend to bolt when they get spooked (not a great outcome on a rainy day dog walk!).

What's the Best Way to Keep My Dog Dry on a Wet Walk?

A rain coat for dogs with lightweight material is an ideal option when you don't want your paws to overheat but equally want to avoid the discomfort and dampness of a saturated coat.

Pick up a dog raincoat with a Reflective Strip, such as our snazzy Reflective Waterproof Pink Jacket, or go for a stylish Grey Dog Raincoat.

A reflective waterproof jacket for dogs will keep that musty smell away and prevent excessive mud splashes on newly groomed fur.

How Can I Dry My Dog Faster After a Rainy Walk?

A dog towel is a great way to give your pup a snuggly rub down at the end of their dog walk - it's a moment to bond and makes walking the dog in dismal weather a happy memory!

Our Noodle Towel Glove Grey combines a loving stroke with quick-fire drying, so your dog will be dry, comfy, warm, and ready for their post-walk nap.