Where Should a New Puppy Sleep Overnight?

One of the greatest conundrums facing new puppy parents is where they should sleep!

On the one hand, you don't want to have a sleepless night and feel guilt-wracked at the tiny howls coming from downstairs. On the other, you don't want to set a precedent and have your pup sleeping on your bed when they're the size of the house with a snore to match...

First up, buy them warm, comfortable (and preferably easy-clean!) dog beds. Once they have a space of their own, whether that's in a crate or a quiet corner where they feel safe, your pup will be better able to relax.

The Dexter Waterproof Dog Bed is one of the best beds for dogs when they're young, and if you don't quite make it to the puppy pads on time is quick and straightforward to clean.

Does My Puppy's Sleeping Space Need to Be Permanent?

A common misconception is, that if you 'cave' and let a small set of paws sleep upstairs, you're stuck with that forever.

A habit can indeed be tough to break, but there is nothing wrong with having younger dogs upstairs where they feel safer, and then decide to move that bed later on - they might not like being moved, but if you're worried about a nervy pup being scared all night, it's up to you whether you make that call.

Ideally, your puppies sleeping area should be:

  • Quiet, warm, not drafty, and not immediately next to a radiator or boiler where they could overheat.
  • A space that won't be disturbed - especially if you have kids, you want your pup to feel confident that they can sleep without being shocked awake by noise.
  • Ideally, a corner; very young dogs feel safer in a snuggly cocoon (check out the Alfie Grey Soft Dog Bed for an excellent option for smaller breeds!), so if they are exposed, it can be hard for them to switch off.

Do I Need a Puppy Bed If I Am Crate Training?

Using a car carrier for dogs to crate train is another option. Pups love crates for all the reasons mentioned; they are enclosed, safely away from fuss, and mean they can switch off for the night without keeping one eye open.

If you decide to crate train your puppy, look for soft dog mattress beds or dog pillow beds you can slip inside the crate to help them get a great night's kip! Our Bella Grey Pillow Bed works perfectly.

For more ideas about puppy bedding, check out the complete range at AllPetSolutions Dog Beds catalogue.