Safety Tips for Night-time Dog Walks

In the winter months, it's almost impossible to plan all your dog walks during daylight hours the morning starts late, and the evening creeps in early. However, you still want your faithful friend to have the exercise, stimulation and socialisation that are so important!

We'll look at tips to keep yourself and your dog safe, using reflective dog clothing and other accessories to boost your visibility and avoid common hazards.

Is it Safe to Walk at Night With a Dog?

Provided your dog walks are within easy reach of help, or you are walking with a companion, night-time walks can be perfectly safe we'd advise against walking somewhere very remote, where it'd be difficult to call for assistance if you were to have a fall.

The key is to think about visibility; how will you find your dog if they get stuck, or how will they make their way back to you if they've been distracted by a delicious scent and can't see you clearly in the dark? Reflective dog harnesses and leads are the most efficient solutions.

Reflective Dogs Leads are a great idea; you can keep a watchful eye on your pup, and they'll be able to see you if they're off-lead. Reflective strips are also essential if you walk anywhere like a cycle path or adjacent to a road. They ensure other pedestrians and vehicles can see you clearly, even at a distance.

Are Dogs OK in the Dark at Night?

Canines are great at seeing in the dark, but the same can't be said for their humans! Dogs don't see colours like we do and have superior motion vision, so they don't find the dark so dense. The biggest worry is a trip hazard, where we don't see well enough on dark dog walks and risk a nasty fall if walking off-road.

Picking up a Reflective Waterproof Dog Rain Coat is an excellent option, particularly when paired with reflective dog leads. You'll keep your furry friend dry, warm, and safe and won't lose track of them even in the deepest, darkest woodland. You can also go for a Reflective Dog Coat with a flashy fuchsia or neon yellow finish for super-bright visibility!

How Does a Dog Lead with LED Light Attachments Make Night Walks Safer?

Using a lead-mounted torch with reflective dog harnesses resolves most safety concerns. If you've already got your hands full with leads and poop scoop bags, carrying a heavy torch can get tiring very quickly!

Our Retractable Dog Lead With LED Light is rechargeable and comfortable to hold. The torch will keep pathways illuminated so you don't come unstuck when badger holes, branches or other trip hazards appear in front of you.

It's also tested up to 50 kilos and has a long five-metre extension lead, so it is one of the best reflective dog leads for even the biggest of mutts who love a quiet, cool walk in the early hours.