Does My Dog Need a Waterproof Jacket?

We're no strangers to the rain and damp here in the UK - but when does it get wet enough for a dog to need a waterproof jacket?

The good news is that waterproof dog coats come in a vast range of sizes and fabrics, so you can opt for a lightweight waterproof dog coat that is suitable for use year-round. Thicker thermal coats are ideal for the winter and keep your paws snuggly warm, as well as safe and dry.

Some breeds, usually the larger tougher pups, were bred for their endurance, and probably won't benefit from waterproof dog coats since they have naturally water-resistant fur, and are likely to dive into the nearest stream at any given opportunity!

However, smaller breeds, dogs like greyhounds with very thin coats, or older dogs who suffer from painful joints in the damp will be much happier going out for a walk with their wet weather gear on.

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Can I Get a Lightweight Waterproof Jacket for my Dog?

You sure can! Our Dog Waterproof Jacket comes in four colours and is fully waterproof with a reflective strip, and a plush fleece liner. The perfect reflective dog coat. 

The Ancol Splashguard is a good option for pups who don't need thermal protection but prefer to stay out of the rain.

Or, you might be taken with the Heritage Collection Wax Jacket, with a traditional blanket coat design, and ideal for wet days and damp woodland walks.

Don't be too perturbed if your pup takes a bit of time to get used to their waterproof coats for dogs. If they haven't worn a jacket before it might be a strange sensation, so make sure you give them the chance to become familiar with the scent and texture before you debut your new doggie jacket out and about!